Choose from our menus or create the banquet yourself! Let North Park handle your parties for you!

List of Branches with function Rooms

  • North Park Leviste

    893 5357 / 893 2013


  • North Park Glorietta

    567 2767 / 567 2769


  • North Park Makati Ave.

    897 9039 / 890 5952

    Annex (100pax) / Arnolds (50-60pax)

  • North Park Greenfield

    661 3868 / 661 3950


  • North Park Muntinlupa

    856 1323 / 856 1166


  • North Park Marquee Mall

    (045) 304 1681 / (045) 304 1683


  • North Park Tomas Morato

    709 4154 / 358 7228


  • North Park P. Guevarra

    721 2759 / 721 3413


  • North Park Market Market

    856 1499 / 856 1498


Groupie Meals: Who says there has to be a lot of people for it to be a party? Each Groupie meal is good for 4-6 persons, served with Nestea Iced Tea. *Prices may vary.


Set Menu: A feast prepared just for you! Each dine in set menu is good for 10 persons, served with Fresh Lemonade O.T.H.! *Prices may vary. 


Party Picks: Bring your favourite North Park dishes home with you! Our Party Picks are served in microwavable trays for easy serving. Best for parties at home, office, or anywhere you want! Each tray is good for 20-24 persons. *Prices may vary.


Great Party Box: It’s a North Park party, in one Great Box! Great Party Boxes are good for 4-6 persons. Food, drinks, party plates, and utensils all included. *Prices may vary. 


After Party Party: As the fun increases throughout the party, make sure your guests are kept full throughout the night with more fun after the after party! *Prices may vary. 


In House Buffet: Have a worry-free, stress-free North Park party! Experience the full package as you party in one of our branches for a truly memorable event. *Prices may vary. 


On-Site Buffet: Let North Park bring the party to you! Enjoy your favourite Chinoy comfort food wherever you are. We’ve got you covered. *Prices may vary. 


NEW Great Combination: North Park’s newest addition. A meal with North Park’s signature dishes and best sellers combined to bring the Chinoy experience with you! Perfect solution for your meetings, trainings, seminars, and celebrations! *Prices may vary.