Customer Feedback

Comfort bowls of congee, noodles and broth and perhaps wontons, vegetables, chicken, fish and more, are the main offerings of the North Park restaurant. These are real slow food, although served as fast as you wish: the noodles are homemade, the broths are carefully enriched with food combinations, and the bowls embellished with vegetables sourced in local markets, dumplings. The congee is whisked fine as velvet, carefully flavoured with fish, chicken, crystal prawns, shiitake mushrooms, pork balls, chicken balls, lapu lapu. It is gentle and soothing, our traditional food for the ailing, but also multilevel, multiflavored comfort.

-Doreen Fernandez

North Park is still unbeaten in quality and sincerity – the broth is from real beef bones, the noodles are so chewy and freshly made each time. The service is the best of them all, any time of day.

-Metro Magazine

There is certainly no other restaurant in the Philippines that gives you a similar gastronomic Chinoy experience like North Park. Their expertise in great Chinoy cuisine has definitely captured the Filipino palate, serving mouth-watering North Park specialty dishes every day.

-Fritz Cruz

This was a godsend to anyone who was voraciously hungry—a short order Chinese restaurant that knew that knew the kind of food we were craving for and gave it to us in substantial portions—like, fried rice for an army, or one very hungry and sweaty basketball player.

-Esquire Mag PH

These brothers are food lovers. And apart from their passion to eat, both are great cooks. With so much talent, they set up what is North Park, one of the two authentic, reasonably-priced Chinese fast food restaurants in Manila.

-Sandy Daza