Chinoy comfort food that generations have come to know and love – that’s North Park!

Among the large number of restaurants in the food industry, North Park stands out in delivering real and freshly cooked food at generous servings and reasonable prices.

The yellow trademark sign of North Park is your assurance of quality, value, and consistent great taste. Its modern yet no-nonsense ambiance and its many outlets across the metro make North Park the place for your entire family to get their fill – wherever they may be. Come as one or come as a dozen, North Park guarantees you a sulit and great dining experience every time. 


“This is a homegrown business” – Raphael Soon

“This is a homegrown business, not some franchise from other countries,” North Park Group of Restaurants proprietor Raphael Soon attests. Their food, service, and values are what sets them apart from the artifice of themed restaurants and the faddishness of trendy bars. North Park serves its customers old fashioned and well-loved cuisine in a cool, modern, always new ambiance.

The culinary repertoire that North Park offers are recipes perfected over generations by a family of food lovers. The Soon family remembers serving mami and siopao since they were young. “We started Golden Peking in 1974; we brought Peking Duck to the Philippines,” recalls Raffy. The first North Park opened in T. Pinpin Street, Binondo Chinatown in 1988 as a seafood restaurant.

North Park goes beyond the usual Chinese Cuisine  – it is uniquely Chinoy concocted to Pinoy tastes.

Ambiance and looks change, but not well-loved family recipes. North Park’s All Time Favorites perfected over time and served in portions and prices that guarantee value and satisfaction is exactly what keeps people coming back for more. 

“Sulit sa busog.” North Park goes beyond the usual Chinese cuisine – it is uniquely Chinoy concocted to Pinoy tastes. Better than any contrived theme menu, North Park dishes have been tested by time and have earned the trust and approval of thousands of regular patrons.

“Ever since, it’s always been about comfort food… We are a family of foodies and cooks.” North Park’s food is nothing less than what they themselves would cook and eat. Today, they still personally train each chef to ensure quality and consistency


“When we started North Park, we didn’t think it would grow this much.” – Raphael Soon

Starting from humble beginnings has allowed North Park restaurants to organically grow and maintain its honest-to-goodness ambiance, taste, and service.

“When we started North Park, we didn’t think it would grow this much,” confides Raphael Soon of his family’s business. The North Park Group of Restaurants today includes Next Door, Tiananmen Bar, Kopi Tiam, and Ma Chicken Mami House. These restaurants each have unique menus while having a common theme binding them together. Each cater to a specific sort of diner – whether in large families, young urban professionals, trendy bar-hoppers, or coffee aficionados, North Park Group has something for ready for you.

As North Park continues to grow, it continues to foster its home-grown feel and authentic comfort food menu making it the modern Chinoy restaurant we all love.