Happy Birthday Noodles

April 09, 2013

North Park Administrator

Pinoy parties have always been about everyone catching up with everyone else. That, and eating. No one will deny the fact that the love affair between Pinoys and food is a tale as old as time. Pinoys have always been good eaters, and as more and more food establishments crop up offering their own signature dishes, they get smarter and pickier as well.

Enter North Park’s new signature dish: Happy Birthday Noodles—a combination of hard boiled fresh farm eggs, clean and crisp green vegetables and carrots, superior quality mushrooms and fish cake, authentic Chinese Sausage, BBQ Pork Asado, and our signature Lechon Macau arranged perfectly on top of extra long shanghai noodles braised in a blend of specialty sauces. With this new offer, North Park brings not only the tradition of the birthday noodles to the modern era, but also starts a new tradition of sharing birthday noodles in any party you throw or get invited to. Each tray of a Happy Birthday Noodles is good to feed a party of 15 to 18 guests.

Unfold it from its box for sharing or just keep it as it is for an easy and no-fuss gift, any way you want it, North Park’s Happy Birthday Noodles will be just the thing your party needs.